RACI Matrix

Business Analyst / Project Manager in Orange County, California

RACI matrix roles and responsibilities

The RACI matrix clarifies responsibilities and ensures that all project tasks have someone assigned to do them.  It is created before commencement of any project, and updated as needed throughout a project.   The matrix helps identify where a project will fall short on resources before work begins and highlights key decision points along the way.

The four roles that stakeholders might play in any project include the following:

  • Responsible: People or stakeholders who do the work. They must complete the task or objective or make the decision. Several people can be jointly Responsible.
  • Accountable: Person or stakeholder who is the “owner” of the work. He or she must sign off or approve when the task, objective or decision is complete. This person must make sure that responsibilities are assigned in the matrix for all related activities. Success requires that there is only one person Accountable.
  • Consulted: People or stakeholders who need to give input before the work can be done and signed-off on. These people are “in the loop” and are active participants throughout the project.
  • Informed: People or stakeholders who need to be kept “in the picture.” They need updates on progress or decisions, but they do not need to be formally consulted, nor do they contribute directly to the task or decision.

Below is a RACI matrix I created for a fictional eCommerce website for a Pet Store.