Business Analyst / Project Manager in Orange County, California

Mark is a well organized project manager. He has excellent attention to detail.

Bill PotterCEOMessageBroadcast

Working with Mark needed very minimal involvement from me or other engineers. He can provide a complete solution from the concept, design, implementation, database, hosting and final configuration of a web portal.

Sameer Jatana, PMPProgram DirectorXerox

Mark went above and beyond our expectations for redesigning our website! Mark had great communication with us until its completion. He listened to what we wanted and then because of his expertise gave us ideas we would not have thought of that we are so happy with. He is a true professional and we highly recommend Mark for your project!

Lyssa ArmentaAuthorGentle Goodnight

Mark is a strong performer and one who will get the job done. He is very knowledgeable both on the technical and business side of things and has as great work ethic. Great Project Manager to work with!

Mika KonoSr Project ManagerMessageBroadcast

Mark is a well organized project manager. His attention to detail and project documentation has not been surpassed by any project manager(s) that I have ever worked with. He has excellent attention to detail and his work output is superior in every aspect. Mark would be a key asset to any organization.

Jim PetersonCIOMessageBroadcast

Mark helped me with editing my photo’s on my blogg and making them blend in better. He was fast and creative and my blogg looks great! Great job Mark!

Wendy EnglebergDirector & Public RelationsGirls Gone Riding (GGR)

Mark is a very well organized and hands-on project manager. He is always on top of everything and is constantly helping everyone to get it done. It was a great experience. I strongly recommend him as a pm.

Pranav DesaiSr Javascript DeveloperDirect TV

Mark worked on assignment for Kforce Technology Staffing at one of our key clients for most of 2007. As project manager he was responsible for the delivery of a very high profile project – a social networking site aimed at Southern California high-schoolers. The site is now live and has been extremely well received – anyone looking for a project manager to help build their online presence or assist with their web marketing efforts should speak to Mark.

Andrew OslerManaging DirectorVincentBenjamin

Mark is a man of integrity, he says what he will do, and gets it done, overcoming challenges and adversity along the way, Mark always came through on important projects when it mattered the most. He is also a man of honor, and I always appreciated his candor and honesty. When it would have been easy for anyone else to make up a story to protect their position and avoid taking responsibility when things went wrong, Mark was always quick to be up front about everything and worked diligently to correct any problem that arose. Mark is extremely detail oriented, and was fantastic in helping my team develop specifications and the necessary documentation required to define what was expected from everyone on the team and keep them moving efficiently. As a project manager Mark was outstanding, but he is far more than a project manager. Mark’s vast experience as a web developer/programmer, and knowledge of online business as a whole meant that he not only understands the intricacies of development, but also the business implications of any project we worked on, which enabled him to make invaluable contributions in the planning and execution of the projects we worked on. His skills, experience, and knowledge also enabled him to effectively manage and lead diverse teams composed of not only programmers, but members from a variety of other departments, such as sales, marketing, and upper level management. I should also add that he is an eloquent writer, and when it comes to email, his interoffice and client communication skills are of the highest level.

Johann Huber-GutierrezChief Innovation OfficerTechReactor.com

Check out MyOCHigh.com for an example of the work Mark can do. I have had the pleasure to lead the development of the site from the Content side, working with Mark as Interactive Project Manager. Mark is a smart guy with a creative mind. His best moments came when the team was stuck and our ideas or tools just weren’t working. Mark would pause, think, and then propose a simple solution that improved on the original idea. As PM he had to listen to a bunch of Content folks with big ideas, then work with Freedom’s bright developers to stitch several tools and platforms together to turn our ideas into reality. He leaves us with a fun site that’s poised to grow content and users.

Mark has a great way about him that calms down any tense situation and focuses attention on the customer. That customer focus allows Mark to quickly drill down to critical matters and head straight to effective solutions for the problem at hand. Mark makes every situation better that he is a part of and most often with a smile or laugh or two along the way.

Tom PorterVP InternetFreedom Interactive

Mark is a detailed project manager that helped a selective team at FOCI launch a new website – MyOCHigh.com. This was a major undertaking and it served the launch team well to understand what would be workable and on what time line thanks to Mark. Mark has a way of explaining technical options, making recommendations and finding resolutions. Our project completed and I am glad to have worked on the same team as Mark.

Jeanne RogersAssistant Vice President, MarketingImpac Mortgage

Been There, Done That” Describes Mark in a few words. Truly a guy who has seen the best and worst that IT has to offer and can make sure any organization that hires him takes the best path, avoiding the pitfalls that present challenges to any project. Want your project to succeed? This is the man you want

Greg HarrisSr. SharePoint DeveloperColorado Parks and Wildlife

Mark did some excellent web development work for us. Both his programming skills and application design were clean, efficient, and quite effective. He also posseses a fantastic blend of techie know how and marketing vision.

Jorge JacksonProgram ManagerMajor League Baseball Advanced Media

Mark leveraged his Web Development contacts and recommended a ColdFusion Developer for a role I was tasked with filling. The person Mark referred has done an outstanding job for my client. In addition to Mark’s skills as a Web Developer, Project Manager, or Product Manager he is also a great guy to know who is well connected within the Web Development community. I highly recommend him.

John LaMarcheManager of Talent AcquisitionKareo

Mark Warrick is a detail-oriented manager who never loses site of the project goals. He is a diligent worker. As a project manager, Mark is technically knowledgable enough to actually contribute code to our project. I consider Mark Warrick to be an effective manager, and can gather multiple developers into a team capable of building enterprise-level projects.

Clay LeedsSenior Web DeveloperFreedom Communications

Mark Warrick is a professional and knowledgeable Interactive Project Manager. He is easy to work with and is always supportive.

Amishi HiseIT Project ManagerFreedom Communications

Mark and myself worked on a similar product integration project and has always been very helpful and resourceful with bouncing off ideas.

Francisco T. Avalos, MBA, PMPFreedom Interactive

Mark is an exceptional Project Manager with outstanding organization skills. He lead the full life cycle of product deployment, meeting the project deadlines while interfacing across corporate departments and business units.

Patrick TangneyAccount DirectorBrightcove