PowerBI for Software Requirements Gathering

Business Analyst / Project Manager in Orange County, California

For a past employer, I was asked to collect requirements from about 50 people for a new warehouse management system. To do this, I created a form within a Sharepoint site I built for the team and asked them to contribute requirements. I didn’t just ask for features, but rather, I asked questions like:

  1. What functions of the business does this affect? (for example, receiving, auditing, fulfilment, order processing, etc.)
  2. On a scale of 1-10, How important is this?
  3. Does this make an existing workflow process more efficient?  How?
  4. Would a new job role need to be created to use this feature?
  5. Could we eliminate a job role with that feature?

The Microsoft form gathered information into an Excel table which I used as the data source for the PowerBI report.  With that report, executives could drill into each feature, slice data by key data points, etc.  The purpose was to help decisions makers more easily evaluate potential features with a scoring system grouped by function to help them decide what features to implement with their next warehouse management software vendor.  Ultimately each of these features would be mapped to a goal of the project.  In doing so, I provided requirements traceability and proof that each chosen feature brought value to the  company in a measurable way.

The screenshot below is just a glimpse into the amount of data I was able to gather and present to stakeholders.