Written Use Case – Tour Reservation Request

Business Analyst / Project Manager in Orange County, California

The following use case describes a tour reservation process on https://socalbiketours.com

Also see the UML Diagram of this use case.

Use Case ID: UC1
Use Case Name: Tour Reservation Request
Created By: Mark Warrick Last Updated By: Mark Warrick
Date Created: 10/06/2016 Last Revision Date: 10/06/2016
Actors: Buyer



Tour Operator

Description: Buyer initiates a tour reservation request.
Trigger: None.
Pre-conditions: 1.     Buyer is on the System website https://socalbiketours.com
Post-conditions: None.
Normal Flow: 1.     Buyer navigates to Great Rides.

2.     Buyer selects a county.

3.     Buyer selects tour information page.

4.     Buyer clicks “Book Now Online”.

5.     Buyer selects number of guests, enters tour date and time and clicks “Add to Cart”.

6.     Buyer reviews cart and clicks “Proceed to Checkout”.

7.     Buyer fills in Billing Details, selects payment method and clicks “Place order”.

8.     System contacts Stripe to verify credit card.

9.     Stripe returns transaction confirmation codes.

10.  System stores Stripe transaction codes.

11.  System displays reservation request information on screen.

12.  System stores reservation request information.

Alternative Flows:


6a) Buyer abandons transaction.  Use case ends.

7a) Buyer abandons transaction.  Use case ends.

8a) Buyer chose pay by cash or pay by check.  Use case resumes at step 11.

8b) Buyer enters invalid credit card info.  Use case resumes at step 7.

8c) Buyer’s credit card is declined.  Use case resumes at step 7.

12a) Invalid Buyer email address entered.  Confirmation email will not reach Buyer.  Use case resumes at step 13.

Triggers: 1.     System sends email confirmation to Buyer.

2.     System sends email notice to Tour Operator.

Frequency of Use: A few times per month.
Special Requirements: None
Assumptions: 1.     System website is up.

2.     Email services are running.

3.     Stripe processor is up.

Notes and Issues: 1.     A buyer may complete the request without using a credit card by selecting cash or check payment method.

2.     Stripe is a 3rd party credit card processing service.